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PES 2018 World Tour Interview - Neo_Lotfi

PES 2018 World Tour Interview - Neo_Lotfi

2017 represented a breakthrough season for Neo_Lotfi. After a Semi Final appearance in the Rest of Europe Season 1 National final, he reached the EU Season 2 Regional FInal in Liverpool only to be thwarted by Ettorito in the Quarter Final.


A win in the Road to Cardiff Tournament gave the Frenchman a lifeline, and the chance to compete in the PES World Final only for history to repeat itself as he was bettered by Ettorito in the Quarter Final once again. 

Hoping to get an early indication of what will be expected of him in the 2018, Lotfi attended the French PES 2018 World Tour to get an early glimpse of the game at the Stade de France. We reached out to him to get his reflections of the past season, and his thoughts about what was to come this year. 

You had a successful PES 2017 season reaching the PES World Final - what was your personal highlight?

Obviously my best moment from a competitive point of view was when I won the Wild Card Tournament, which allowed me to qualify for the World Final. Otherwise, it was attending the final of the UEFA Champions League in Cardiff, this is the dream of any football fan. 

Obviously the PES 2017 season has now finished. What are your plans during the off season>? Do you carry on playing or take a break?

From the end of the World Final I had to prepare my end of year exams so I put the game aside. These exams have just ended so now I will take a break and enjoy the summer - and the PES 2018 online BETA. 

You recently got to play PES 2018 during a World Tour event in Paris. As a pro PES player, what did you think of the game?

Indeed, I was able to play this new game and the sensation was really good, the game has clearly been improved at all levels. I had a lot of fun during the day, and even as a pro PES player, I had trouble playing will at the beginning. So much of the gamer has changed and so much is new. It will be necessary to play event more than other years, whether in defense or attack and even the kick off system is new. 

One of the most appreciable improvements are the goalkeepers and their stops are pleasing to say, manual goalkeeping is also much more effective. This is very pleasing for pro PES players because it is often used at a high level and is going to be formidable this year when well used. 

Overall my opinion of the game during this World Tour event in Stade de France was very good and I am excited to play the demo, and of course the final game. 

What did you feel were the biggest changes between PES 2017 and PES 2018?

I found that the biggest change between PES 2017 and PES 2018 is the improtance of physicality, including the ability to stand back when opposign defenders. The speed of the game has also been slowed. 

Does PES 2018 suit your style of play or will you have to adapt your game for it?

PES 2018 suits my style of game on certain aspects, as on the offensive phases. On other phases, such as defense or counter attacks it will be necessary to adapt. 

You were at the event with other PES League players, who was strongest at the game? 

I did not have time to play all the players, but I think there wasnt' really anyone better anybody that stood out. We were all on the same level I think. 

Once the game is released, how do you plan on getting used to it and preparing for the new season?

I do not have a specific plan. After the game I will play a lot in Online Divisions to get used to this new version. I will also play a lot in lobby with my teammates of Neo eSports to prepare the new season. 

Finally, you were a PES World Finalist last season. How do you think you'll do this season? 

The objective will be logically to qualify again for the World Final, and to do better than this year if I have the chance to participate again. I will do my best for this. 

Details of the PES 2018 PES League season will be announced in the coming weeks. Updates will be published on the official PES League website or the official PES League Twitter channel. 

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