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PES 2018 World Tour Interview - E_C_Oniel

PES 2018 World Tour Interview - E_C_Oniel

Of all the players who competed in the Road to Cardiff, it could be argued that none were more memorable then E_C_Oneil. 

The exciteable Dutchman lit up the PES League season with his wild celebrations as he won the Duth Season 1 National Final, finished 2nd in the Road to Cardiff EU Season 1 Final before eventually coming 4th in the PES World Final.  

Tasked with improving on his fourth place finish for the 2018 season, he joined a selection of press and community members are the PES 2018 World Tour event in Dortmund to get an early glimpse of the game and possbily gain an early advantage over his rivals. We took a moment to speak to him after the event about his thoughts of the game and the upcoming season. 

You had a successful PES 2017 season finishing fourth in the world - what was your personal highlight?: 

I agree that it was a successful PES year for me. My personal highlight was the Regional Final of Season 1. I did really great and reached a very high level, topping my group and knocking out Mike 'El Matador' Linden and Ruben-94 in the knockouts.

Obviously the PES 2017 season has now finished. What are your plans during the off season? Do you carry on playing or take a break?

Now that the season is over I've actually stopped playing but when I heard about the new co-op mode and that PES League will do something with it next season I started to play 3v3 in teamplay lobby with PES 2017. It bought back the fun of playing PES in the off-season.

I also want to go on vacation and am planning to go to Gamescom to look at PES 2018 again.

You recently got to play PES 2018 during a World Tour event in Dortmund, As a pro PES player, what did you think of the game?

Yes, I got the chance to play PES 2018 at the World Tour in Dortmund. When my first game started it felt nothing like PES 2017, almost everything had changed such as dribbling, crossing and even first touch. I was stuggling for a bit but I think it's because I was used to PES 2017 still. I can't really form an opinion yet about the game but I can say I enjoyed playing it, I had so much fun. I'm also excited about the co-op next year.

Does PES 2018 suit your current style of play or will you have to adapt your game for it?

To be good at PES 2018 I need to forget my style of play in PES 2017. I need to have the right formation to be great in PES and I learnt that my formation in PES 2017 works even better in PES 2018 so it will save me time trying to find the right formation and tactics. I will still need to adapt to the game though and learn it all over again. 

Which PES League player fo you think PES 2018 suits best?

I think Ettore will be great as always. Possession game and fast dribbling will be key and these are his strong points! I think [EU Season 2 Regional Finalists] DexKord and Indominator wil be great in this game as well.  

Once the game is released, how do you plan on getting used to it and preparing for the new season? 

First I need to find out when the actual game is released what my formation and tactics will be. I will play many different guys of a great level to try it out. Whilst trying it out I will play with different teams to find out what players I need to play with in my formation. When that's all done then I am ready for the next season. 

Finally you finished fourth last year, how do you think you'll do this season?

Well, it's hard to say because the Dutch Qualifiers is one of the toughest and we traditionally only have one spot at the Regional Finals. The last 5 years have all had a different Dutch Champion so I have my own Regional Final level I need to pass first. 

If I can get through that then I think I can be top 3 in the World next year. Especially with the extra experience I have now. 

Details of the PES 2018 PES League season will be announced in the coming weeks. Updates will be published on the official PES League website or the official PES League Twitter channel. 

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