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PES 2018 World Tour Interview - GoooL

PES 2018 World Tour Interview - GoooL

In June, KONAMI embarked on the European leg of a PES 2018 World Tour, visiting a number of locations around the continent to showcase the game to press, community members and PES League players.

Among them was Matthias ‘GoooL’ Winkler who joined the tour in Dortmund off the back of a successful PES 2017 season, reaching the Quarter Final of the EU Season 1 Regional Final in Barcelona, Spain.

We caught up with Matthias once the event had finished to get his final thoughts on the PES 2017 season as well as his views on PES 2018 and how he will prepare for the upcoming PES 2018 season.

You had a successful PES 2017 season reaching the Road to Cardiff EU Season 1 Regional Finals – what was your personal highlight?

My personal highlight was the group stage game against my mate Mike "EL_Matador" Linden.

It was maybe the best game of my season and i was able to win and go through to the quarter finals. Unfortunately I could not win my quarter final, but the whole trip to Barcelona was an unbelievable experience.

Obviously the PES 2017 season has now finished. What are you plans during the off season? Do you carry on playing or do you take a break?

I really need to take a break, but this is quite normal. The time, when the season is running, is very intensive, and so i need time to get fresh in my mind and to get new motivation for the next season.

You recently got to play PES 2018 during a World Tour event in Dortmund. As a pro PES player, what did you think of the game?

It was once again a big pleasure to be invited by KONAMI to play the new PES month before all other players are able to do.

Graphics are once again better than they were last year. The gameplay is something new, e.g. the passing system, but at the same time it is PES. As a PES player from the beginning on you get the real PES feeling and you are able to play it immediately at a high level, enjoying the new features.

For sure, this is not the final version, and there are things that have to be improved, but it was the same in PES 2017 when we had the opportunity to play the first code in Frankfurt so I am really looking forward to it.

Does PES 2018 suit your current style of play or will you have to adapt your game for it?

This is a difficult question and it’s hard to answer it because I only played about 10 or 12 games.

I had a really good feeling playing PES 2018, but time will show if PES 2018 suits my current style of play or if I will be able to adapt in this new style.

Which PES League player do you think PES 2018 suits best?

The main difference between good players and world class players is the fact  that the real world class players can be successful for a long time. Mike "EL_Matador" Linden or Ettore "Ettorito97" Giannuzzi always manage to be successful, every year, again and again.

It’s not important, which PES League player PES 2018 suits best, the important fact is that you can adapt to the game and reach top level every year again!

Once the game is released, how do you plan on getting used to it and preparing for the new season?

Usually when the game is released, I play it a lot. A lot of online, but also offline with my mate Mike "EL_Matador" Linden or my brother Dennis "his-wideness" Winkler.

Finally, you reached the Regional Finals last season, how do you think you’ll do this season?

It’s hard to say what i can reach this season. I will play this game basically, because it’s fun for me to play it. Maybe, if the game suits me, if i can adapt to it, and if i am lucky a little bit, i can have the same successes like this year.

Every big tournament is a highlight and all the small things are also small highlights. I will try to do my best, but have no pressure or no dependence on achieving. I’ll just enjoy playing and having fun, trying to show the young guys that the old guy has still some skills.

Details of the PES 2018 PES League season will be announced in the coming weeks. Updates will be published on the official PES League website or the official PES League Twitter channel. 

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