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Action To Be Taken To Correct PES LEAGUE Ranking

Action To Be Taken To Correct PES LEAGUE Ranking

This is a notification for all PES League users that we have found a number of issues with the existing ranking on the official PES League website, www.pesleague.com. In finding this, we will be making corrections to the ranking in a forthcoming maintenance - full details below.

The maintenance of the PES LEAGUE.com web site will be performed to fix the ranking display on 21/12/2016 15:00- 18:00 (UTC).

Please be assured that your match results from a PES LEAGUE mode played during the maintenance will still be compiled.

  • Some users were able to play 3 matches a day on 15/12 (The limit of matches per day should be 1 match a day)

For users who played more than 2 matches a day on 15/12, the result from the first match played will be reflected.

  • Results from matches that didn't complete properly have not been reflected in a ranking.

This will be fixed to reflect the match results to the ranking.

  •  The match results played with the identical Online IDs in PlayStation 4 and PlayStation  3 have been counted separately.

Please be advised that a result from only the first match played after 0:00 (UTC) on each day will be reflected to the records.

These rules apply onward.

We apologies for any inconvenience may have caused.

Please enjoy PES LEAGUE.

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